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Professional IT Service
We provide Professional IT services tailored to our customers needs.    We do the full range of IT services for small to mid-sized companies including but not limited to Servers, workstations, routers, firewalls, and access points.   We partner with Dell, Fujitsu, Netgear and Netgate.  We install, configure and monitor Ubiquiti routers, switches and access points; Aruba Network Access Points; Dell Power Edge servers, Precision Workstations, Optiplex Desktops, Dell printers and Latitude Laptops; Fujitsu tablet PC’s and Scanners.

We are intimately familiar with the health care industry and private physicians offices.  We presently support clinics running records systems produced by e-MDs, eClinical Works, Athena and Practice Fusion to name a few.  We support Practices from various different specialties including family practice, cardiology, urgent care, dermatology, pediatrics, Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, Rheumatology and Pediatric Cardiology.  We have integrated Medical devices into practices from Midmark, GE, Welch Allyn, Seimens,and Seca.

Additionally, we have customers from Insurance, commercial flooring, Municipal utilities, and agriculture.  

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Our Philosophy
We believe in using the best commercially available equipment that provides our customer with the best overall experience with the lowest cost of ownership for the life of the hardware.   It is our belief that it is best to do the job correctly once so that the customer does not experience outages or loss of production do to systems failure.
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We have been in business serving the Houston market since 1999.  Although we are based in West Houston, we have clients throughout Texas, Florida,  Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arizona.